Our Dream House

My Dream House

Over time, I’ve had a recurring and captivating dream which I will immerse myself in for as long as possible. While I’m always reluctant to awaken, it’s not unusual for me to effortlessly drift back to where I left off. My “beauty” sleep is essential as well as restorative, rejuvenating,

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ArtInTheFastLane experiences Art, love, loss and inspiration

Art, love, loss and the search for inspiration

Over the past few years I have remembered and shared the following quote by Erin Van Vuren which has helped to add meaning and comfort to me during these trying times: “There are four things in this life that will change you. Love, music, art and loss. The first three

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A fun undertaking and wonderful collaboration

A fun undertaking and wonderful collaboration!!!!

Creating custom artwork, framing and graphic design projects constitute the majority of Art in the Fast Lane’s business, however on occasion we have the privilege of participating in a venture which is a divergence for our team and a really fun undertaking. Recently we had the pleasure of working with

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Sherry Jacobson Garden Treasure

The world is our treasure

The world is our treasure and beauty surrounds us at all times.  Every day there is much to acknowledge and a great deal to cultivate.  Our hearts fill with joy when we behold a magnificent rainbow or a thriving flower in bloom.  Exchanging a warm smile with a neighbor or

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